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Legislative Alert!


It's time for everyone to take action.  To call your Congressmen and write/call the White House. Your freedom, hard earned money and dignity are being taken more and more each day.

Congressmen are allowing bills to pass without reading or understanding them. The President is issuing executive orders without any consultation.  He has virtually no one who knows anything about business to advise him.

There is absolutely no discussion of consequences or more importantly, consequences of consequences.

America is losing it's way, we are being sold down the river!

We all must act now.  Each and every day.  

Below are the bills that demand immediate action.  Please do your part.  Rattle their cages.  They deserve it.  And remember...

They are supposed to represent you!!!  Not The Lobbyists For Greedy Corporations Trying To Impose Their Will Upon You. 

Contact Your Congressmen.  Today...



The Most Dangerous Food Bill Ever!!!



dietary supplement

Senate bill 3767 seeks to put dietary supplement makers in prison for ten years (for telling the truth)




New Cybersecurity Bill Gives Obama ‘Power To Shut Down Companies’...

New Cybersecurity Bill Gives Obama ‘Power To Shut Down Companies’ www.prisonplanet.com/new-cybersecurity-bill-gives-obama-power-to-shut-down-companies.html


Act Now To Stop S510 And S3767...





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